• Summer Kerr

Shipping & Pricing Changes

Hi all!

I wanted to post a quick blog post discussing a recent change I made in shipping services. I have shifted to using UPS. As a result, I will be making a price increase of my paintings from $65 to $70. Please keep reading to understand why I am making this change and what it means for you as a customer.

Last year when I started my business, I was shipping USPS Priority Mail. My paintings were taking 1-3 weeks with USPS in 2020, with some packages taking even longer. Due to high delays in USPS shipments, I made the switch to UPS Ground in January 2021. The shift has been phenomenal with the care and speed at which my paintings have been delivered. UPS has delivered several painting shipments to VA and WV in one day. A recent painting made it from VA to AL in 2 days. I am very confident in the care UPS takes with my shipments.

The high-quality shipment comes with an increased cost. I have been paying double the price that I was with my original shipping arrangement. To offset some of these costs, I will be raising my state painting prices from $65 to $70. The $5 increase does not represent the total increase in cost I am experiencing, but I will absolve the remaining burden.

My goal is to provide high-quality art pieces at an affordable price that is accessible to most. However, I want my art to arrive to you safely and in a timely manner. I hope you all will continue to do business with me and see the benefits of the shift to UPS. Improvements you can expect to experience:

-Improved tracking of your package

-Quicker arrival of your package (likely 1-3 days from shipment)

-Better transport that does not damage the contents of your package

A quick note before signing off: stickers and magnets will continue to be mailed through the postal service.

Thanks for reading through my post and supporting my business!


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